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"Unashamedly, I'm part of that group of people who adore Gabriel Fauré's music. He is a composer who seemingly divides opinion, but for me, his writing is both timeless and fascinating. His two intriguing cello sonatas display Fauré's unique voice and the cello in its best registers with divine, unending melody.

This disc was primarily inspired by those works, but also his own inspirations and influences which certainly came in no small part from his mentor and teacher Camille Saint-Saëns. The connections in style, structure, phrasing and melody are all too evident and fascinating to compare. The three songs, romances and sonatas on this disc contain possibly, some of the most beautiful repertoire for cello and piano and because of their connections, offer an insight into how teacher and student can inspire one another.

It was a pleasure making this disc for Champs Hill with Michael McHale, Andrew Walton and the wonderful support of David and Mary Bowerman."

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Chamber music has played a significant part in the output of all four composers featured on this disc. The piano quartets by Bridge, Bax and Walton are sufficiently heterogeneous to illustrate the multiplicity of approaches the genre can accommodate as well as highlighting the stylistic diversity of British chamber music dating from what may be regarded as its Golden Age - the first decades of the twentieth century. Also presented here is a very recent example by the Belfast-born composer Ian Wilson which reaffirms the continuing validity of the medium and demonstrates the capacity of contemporary creative artists to refresh a time-honoured form. 


Bartosz Woroch, violin

Adam Newman, viola

Brian O’Kane, cello

Michael McHale, piano 

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